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Welcome to Amanda's Friends

Memorial Page


We've had many people come into our lives and many have changed our lives forever. The wonderful people you will read about are a few of those such individuals. While the members of CPN wish we would never have to say goodbye to any one of them, our lives are forever changed.


What Do I Wish?

I don't wish to creep or crawl
on six thin legs sized extra small.
I would not wish to be a gnat,
even wings are not worth that!
I do not care to wink or spark,
like fireflies gosling in the dark.
I wish for a warm and glowing sun,
for two strong legs to let me run,
I wish for light so I, you can see,
the thing I wish to be is ME!!!

By Wanda

corbin memorial picture

I love you hunny with all my heart and soul
The tender smile I will never know
the endless ache will always remain
for my arms that never got to hold you 
will never be the same.
Rest peacefully my sweet buddy hurt no more
I hold you closely in my heart
that you have touched ever so.
Sweet dreams sweet Corbin
Thank you for touching my soul.

Dena Kirchoff
Founding Director of CPNetwork
Oct. 7,1999

Keaton Riley Rudolph Soukup

Birth Oct 9,1996
Rapid City
Pennington County
South Carolina
Death: Oct 3,2003
Rapid City
          Pennington County
South Dakota USA

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Keaton was born with cerebral palsy & many other medical problems due to this. We knew his time with us would be short so we cherished every moment & are blessed & priveleged he came to us. He flew home 6 days before his 7th birthday. No greater blessing could have ever happened to me than the honor of being an angel's mom. Keaton smiled & laughed & loved. His big brown eyes spoke for a voice that could not. I miss him so much but I am truly happy he is free. I would not want him to be here in the pain he was for too long. Everyone who knew Keaton loved him & you could not help but learn how valuable life & love is. He was amazing & he was pure. Nothing can hurt him now. But now Keaton is free....flying where he should be. He made me a better person & there will always be a hole in my heart now that he isn't with us.
Keaton is survived by his mom & stepdad, Jessica & Kevin Weaver, his brother & sister, Nickolys & Torri, his grandparents Brian & D. Rall, Don Glaser, & Mae Weaver, and great grandparents Rudy & Sandy Schlamann & Betty Glaser. Fly high Keaton....we miss you.
If I leave here tomorrow
will you still remember me?
Cause I must be traveling on now,
too many places I've got to see.
If I stayed here with you now,
things just couldn't be the same.
For I'm as free as a bird now!
And this bird you cannot change...

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Mountain View Cemetery
Rapid City
Pennington County
South Dakota, USA
Plot: Babyland

Record added: Dec 21 2003
By: Jessica Weaver


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