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Heather was born in October 1986.á She wasn't due until November. However a ultrasound showed there was no amniotic fluid and a emergency c section was done.á As soon as the cord was cut there was lung shock and affixation.á She was given CPR for the first 15 minutes of her life.á She was given a 25% chance of survival.á I knew in my heart that since she was born alive she would make it.á We were never told that there would be any chance of disabilities.á At six months she started having seizures (infantile spasms).á Our pediatrician laughed at me and said they were seizures and scheduled a EEG for two weeks.á Needless to say we weren't happy with him and found another Dr within an hour and she was admitted into the hospital within two hours from that.á We were real lucky with the medications.á They put her on Phenobarbital and the seizures were under control within a week.á They said she would be on the meds until she was at least 3, probably 5.á She was off them within 18 months and has been seizure free since.á Again, there was no mention of any disabilities.á At 7 months a visiting nurse recommended therapy because she was not doing age appropriate things.á Than a friend asked if she had cp.á I said I think someone would have mentioned it, but I'll ask.á At therapy I asked and was told she had too much muscle tone and that was it.á At the next appointment we had to see a CCS doctor.á As
soon as I walked in the door she said, "Oh, your daughter does have Cerebral Palsy, always has and always will, she will never walk, she will be severally retarded and she will sit in a wheelchair and drool,
now this is how I want you to stretch her legs".á Needless to say I was in shock.á After I left I called her Pediatrician and asked what this woman was talking about.á We went in and all was finally explained to us.á Her diagnoses is Spastic Quad, visually impaired (legally blind), developmentally delayed and seizure disorder.á I then went out to get as much information as possible and continue to do so to this day. She had a Selective dorsal Rhizotomy at age 3 and has has 3 hip surgeries for a dislocated right hip. With the help of a very supportive family and an awful lot of determination Heather has and continues to defy the doctors, therapist and medical profession in general with her abilities
and her progress.

Heather is now a happy, healthy pre teen.á She'll be 12 years old next month.á She just started Jr. High this year and is real proud. She's the only kid I know that hates summer (no school) and loves homework.á She is mainstreamed about 30% of her day.á She's very friendly, outgoing and loves to make new friends.á Her favorite color is Purple and she likes to spend her free time going to the mall with her friends, talking on the phone and listening to her CD's.á Her favorite groups are the Back Street Boys, Hanson, Celion Dion and Elton John.á She has been getting hippo therapy (horseback riding) for 9 years and this past winter starting riding without a back rider (she has always required a
back rider as she didn't have the strength or trunk control to sit alone).á She has been in 4 horse shows and received many 1st & 2nd place ribbons for competitions.á She was also featured on a ESPN special during a equestrian competition that was televised world wide. In
addition to all these interests she of course loves to torture her little brother.

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