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Welcome to Cory's Page

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Hi this is my son Cory who is now 2 1/2 yrs. old.  He was born 3 months
premature due to toxemia and HIGH blood pressure.  I was in the hospital
for a week on my left side and they would take ultra sounds daily to see if he was ok.  I also found out I was leaking amniotic fluid which I didn't know.  Well they were waiting to see who would get sicker first before taking him.  Well of course he did he wouldn't move and if he did his limb would stay in that position. I went in for another emergency C-section and this time awake I didn't like this idea AT all I fought with them and they said this was the safest for all of us.
It seemed like forever for them to get him out and the epidural did not help me at all I felt everything so they gave me gas enough to make me feel better.
I finally heard him cry and they brought him over for me to see he was dressed all in white hat and blanket and he looked like a 90 yr.old man.  My daughter told my hubby that he looked like a monkey and that he looked like his dad and my mom laughed so hard. I didn't get to see him for 4 days so they took pictures of him for me.
He weighed 1 pound 11 oz. and was 14 inches long.  He didn't need oxygen
at all so that was good. The first time I saw him he was so small and I was afraid to touch him. After awhile of getting use to that I was there turning him changing
diapers, holding him for short periods due to his body temp they can't keep there own when they are that small.
One day he was screaming all day hard to comfort so they did a ultra sound of his head and found out then he had PVL and would most likely end up with CP and other problems.  We took him home after 2 1/2 months weighting only 3 pounds 11 oz .  The insurance company thought he was well enough to go home even though he just started taking food by mouth.
He would sleep for hrs. until his due date then everything went down hill.  He would scream for hrs nonstop he was 3 months old.  We would have to hold him for hrs. taking turns and sleep holding on to him in a recliner.  We went nuts dr. kept saying colic.  WE did everything for him and his so call colic.  It took us to get Cory OFF the HMO and on to Katie Backett to get help that he needed.  He never smiled or cooed, he use to roll and he stopped doing that.  Well on June of 1997 almost a yr. of screaming to finally find someone that knew what was wrong and it
was Infantile spasms doing this to him and that just took ACTH shots and then valproic acid to get rid of these for now.  And then we found out he had other seizures to he has focal seizures.  His eyes move to the right and his head use to to but now its just his eyes.  His seizures aren't controlled as of now we are working on that and the drs. know that this is what is stopping Cory from progressing and also he has Spastic quad cp. He use to eat by mouth to but he had bad reflux problems so we had a fundoplication done on him on Aug. 18, 1997.

His eyes were crossed to so he has had 2 eye surgeries.  They are alot better know but he still has one eye that goes where it wants to so we will have that looked at soon. He is at a level of a 3 month old with motor and 12 month with his
social skills.  He can't pick up anything or sit on his own or stand or crawl.  But since the seizures have been dealt with (Infantile spasms) he now smiles and coos.  He is getting better with his head control to he can hold it up for awhile now.  He is also the biggest flirt with his blue eyes and long eye lashes.

I know this is long but its nice to tell people your story.

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