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Amanda's Friends


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Welcome to Bailey's Page

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Bailey is my second child. Everything was going fine with the pregnancy until I went for an ultrasound at 32 weeks.á They saw what looked like extra fluid in her head. á I went and saw high risk OBs.á They induced labor two days before my due date because Bailey did not seem to be growing properly in the womb and there was no benefit for her being there any more.á She was born on July 9, 1998.á She was 5 pounds 4 oz.á which was pretty small compared to my 7 pound 2 oz. first born.á A MRI determined that she had suffered a bilateral stroke and large portions of her brain were gone due to the stroke.á She stayed in the NICU for 6 days and then we all went home. á She had alot of trouble nursing and was not gaining alot of weight I stopped nursing when she was 3 months old and despite her weak suck she is gaining weight wonderfully. She did not smile until she was 3 months old and just now they are starting to be more common.á She coos more and sounds so sweet when she does. She has cataracts in both eyes and is very visually impaired.á We think alot of her slow progress has to do with her lack of vision.á She is starting to hold up her head better and is attempting to role over (sometimes).á She is now 7 months old and is eating baby food and doing well with it.á She was a VERY cranky infant baby and has since become a little better.á I can lay her down for about 15 minutes without her crying now.á She is in physical, speech, early intervention, and vision therapy. á Soon she will be starting occupational.á We also have to keep a watch on her head growth, because she is not out of the woods yet for a shunt.á

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Our two little girls ( Brooke & Bailey ) our the love of my husband and mine life.á We just feel honored that God has in trusted them both to us.á All we asked from God was that He would let our little angle smile and He has given us so much more.á I enjoyed reading of all Amanda's Friends and will keep you ALL in my prayers

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