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Willie durring special olympics

Welcome to Willie's Page



Willie entered the world on January 1, 1989, ten weeks before his due date, and weighing only three pounds seven and a quarter ounces. His apgar scores were zero, no respiration and no heartbeat.
He is a fighter though and has fought for eight years now.
He was diagnosed, when he was 22 months old, with partial agenesis of the corpus collosum, after suffering his first grand mall seizure.
It was at that time that a cat scan was done and I found out that Willie had a hole in his brain. Nothing the Dr's did at the time of his birth could have stopped him from having CP. What ever happened to Willie happened in his genetic code.
Willie is an active and exciting little boy. We have had many ups and downs in his treatment but I wouldn't have traded a minute of it. All those things helped to make him who he is.
Willie took his first steps when he was five years old, after having surgery on his legs, he walked for about a week in his walker then started to run. He now uses crutches and is still running.
Willie likes football and the power rangers. He is in the second grade at a private school for children with physical disabilities.
We are at present in a battle with our local district to get him admitted to a regular second grade class. Willie does not know the meaning of "you can't" because he always finds a way to show everyone that he really can.


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