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Welcome to June's Page

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This story is about a wonderful little girl named June Ann Birchler. I am sure you will agree after you get to know her. I had a pretty normal pregnancy but June's delivery was something else. It all started on the day of July 17, 1994 when I noticed some leakage and went to the hospital. The doctor said it was just "urine" and sent me home. Sure enough, 5 hours later, I was right back in the hospital with SEVERE leakage this time and they kept me. We thought "finally the moment has arrived". June was our first child and we were very excited. The next day came around very slowly as Tom and I were too excited to sleep, knowing our little June would soon be here. July 18 at 3:00 P. M. I was fully dilated to 10 and the doctor announced that I was too small to have the baby and they were going to do a c-section. I was in hard labor for an hour and a half and the anesthesialogist FINALLY made it and when they were getting ready to put me on the operation table the doctor noticed June had crowned and went ahead and pulled her out with forceps. She was actually stuck in the birth canal for an hour and a half. At 14 months old my mother told me it was time to find out what was wrong with my little girl because she was not progressing. Of course I was still in denial about it and we took her to a neurologist and found out she had cerebral palsy. Her right side is affected, which is known as right sided hemiplegia. We started taking her to Horseback Riding Therapy, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy. She still attends all of them to this day. The Horseback Riding Therapy is the REASON she is walking and it boosted MY self confidence as her mother. Today June is at a 2 year old level and she is 4. the doctor said she will probably always be half her age. But she is WALKING!!!! Still not running or jumping or anything that a "normal" four year old does, but in my heart I believe she MAY one day actually get there. Her speech is still pretty bad, and we are now considering a communications device, but are not sure yet. I hope you all make my daughter feel as welcomed and loved here as she is at home, and enjoy your your visit at June's Place. One of my favorite places to spend time when I am online is the CPNetwork. You can often find me there talking to other parents with special needs children.


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