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Bob Segalman

When Bob Segalman was born in 1942, very little was known about “access”. In 1948, he became the first child with a severe disability to be mainstreamed in the Sioux City Iowa Public Schools.  It was not until college that Bob met other successful people with severe disabilities.

 Bob earned a Ph.D. in social welfare and sociology from the University of Wisconsin in 1972.   He is one of very few people with profound cerebral palsy to have earned a Ph.D.   In 2006, the same university gave him an honorary doctorate of science degree.  See www.SpeechtoSpeech.org  for more information.

 Bob worked as a social worker at Lanterman State Hospital in Pomona (1972-1979) and as a Research Analyst at the Bureau of Criminal Statistics in Sacramento (1979-1993). Bob worked as a research analyst and disability advocate at the California Department of Rehabilitation (1993-1996; 1998-2004). He was also and outreach specialist for the California Telephone Access Program (1996-1998).

 Bob is best known as the Founder of Speech to Speech telephone relay service which he created with extensive help from the Department.. STS utilizes human revoicers to enable people with speech disabilities to be understood on the telephone. The FCC requires that STS be provided nationally. 

Bob’s primary professional concerns after retirement are now STS quality of service and outreach issues. A large proportion of people with speech disabilities have other disabilities which prevent them from becoming effective advocates for STS.  Mechanisms must be developed to insure that STS quality of service and outreach issues are effectively addressed.


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